Nowadays, our schedules are tighter than ever. Busy professionals are working from home and the kids are in the house more as well. We are watching movies on Netflix and attending meetings, concerts and lectures on Zoom. We are on our screens so much, it’s easy for time to slip away. When we are not on our screens, we are trying to get outside for some fresh air and exercise or just to spend quality time with the family. With so much going on, who has more time to spend worrying about your personal finances?

The following are eight ways an MPB Client Advocate can assist you:

  1. Set up online banking. A Client Advocate can help you set up online access to all of your bank accounts if you haven’t already done so. Additionally, they can set up an account for you on Mint. Mint is a cloud-based website that downloads your transactions for all your checking, savings, credit card and investment accounts. This helps you keep track of all your transactions in one place. Client Advocates can also help you consolidate credit cards if you want to move to using only a primary card.The 5 Categories of Financial Ratios
  2. Set up automatic bill pay and help you go Most people have some of their utilities and/or credit card payments on autopay but do you have everything on autopay that you can? Invoices like insurance premiums and car payments can also be put on autopay. Hand in hand with autopay is setting up online access for these so you can choose to go paperless for the statements. Client Advocates will set up a special email account dedicated to autopay notifications for which you will both have access. The Client Advocate will be responsible for reviewing these emails to make sure everything has been paid and there are no issues with payments going through. If you need to change credit cards for any reason, the Client Advocate can access all the accounts and change the payment method for you.
  3. Keep track of passwords. Passwords!  Need we say more? Client Advocates will securely keep track of all your usernames and passwords and make sure information is updated if something changes.They can recommend and help you set up a password keeper such as Dashlane or mSecure on your computer, phone and tablet so you never have to worry about forgetting a password. Information about each account such as if it is on autopay, method of payment and due date can also be tracked.
  4. Keep track of payment deadlines. Busy professionals have enough deadlines to meet. Client Advocates can keep track of deadlines for estimated tax payments, property tax payments, insurance premium due dates, tuition due dates and more for you. They will send you a reminder and can even assist you in making the payment.
  5. Make sure one-offs are paid. As stated previously, Client Advocates can help you get your bills on autopay but what about the ones that cannot be on autopay? Bills such as annual license plate renewal, animal registration, home repair bills, etc. cannot be put on autopay. Just give the Advocate your bills and they can pay them in the way that you authorize.
  6. Work with your accountant to collect tax documents. Tax time can be stressful. Sorting through which papers you have to collect and reviewing tax organizers can be confusing and it takes a lot of time. Let your Client Advocate keep track of what papers have come in and what you are still waiting for. Client Advocates can fill out your tax organizer and get your tax documents to your accountant. They can send them certified mail, drop them off in person or scan and upload them to your accountant’s secure portal.
  7. Coordinate with estate planners and wealth managers. Client Advocates can assist you in making sure your Will, Power of Attorneys Documents and investment portfolios are reviewed on a regular basis. If you wish, they can attend meetings with you. They can also help after the review meeting by obtaining any necessary paperwork needed for updating your affairs and arranging for notary services if needed.
  8. Send monthly financial reports and budget Your Client Advocate can review your checking, savings and credit card accounts monthly. This accomplishes many goals. They will review your accounts for duplicate charges. Many families have unnecessary multiple accounts with companies such as DoorDash or Amazon, as different family members set up the accounts without others in the household being aware. Some people are still paying for services they no longer use and do not realize the fee is still being charged each month. Reviewing accounts is also the first line of defense against fraud. Client Advocates can create a monthly report so you can see at a glance what your finances look like in a given month. These reports are customized to your specifications.

Schedule your Client Advocate to help with some of the tasks listed above or with all of them, your choice. My Personal Bookkeeper’s Client Advocates won’t take away all of your problems, but it will take the daily money management off your plate. Does this sound like something that can simplify your life and allow you to enjoy your valuable time more?

The experienced team at My Personal Bookkeeper can help customize a plan that fits your needs in order to stay on top of these necessary tasks. Visit My Personal Bookkeeper at to learn more about our services and how we can help you find peace of mind when it comes to your financial and household security and organization.



About the Author: Michele Rubin

Michele Rubin

Michele is a natural at helping others organize and run their household finances.  The experience of assisting her mother in keeping track of mail and in paying bills allowed Michele to develop an understanding of the best ways to approach these tasks.  Michele is an organized, thorough and compassionate client advocate. These skills have been honed from years of dedication in teaching, office management and running a non-profit organization.  When working with clients, Michele understands that patience and efficiency are the keys to helping them maintain their independence and earn their trust.