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4 Great Age Tech Products


In 2012, after my grandmother fell one too many times despite in-home care, our family made the decision to move her into an assisted-living community. We believed she no longer had the physical capability to live safely at home. Her life(and ours) was instantly upended.   Over time, aspects of being a care partner became second nature – [...]

4 Great Age Tech Products2021-07-15T19:11:42+00:00

A Secret Weapon for Financial Organization


Nowadays, our schedules are tighter than ever. Busy professionals are working from home and the kids are in the house more as well. We are watching movies on Netflix and attending meetings, concerts and lectures on Zoom. We are on our screens so much, it’s easy for time to slip away. When we are [...]

A Secret Weapon for Financial Organization2021-04-20T18:44:51+00:00

How to set financial resolutions and stick to them throughout the year


Many of us take time at the beginning of the new year to make resolutions. Some revolve around diet and exercise, some around relationships, work-life, and productivity. Others may be financial goals, legal plans, or organizational resolutions. In all cases, it is easy to set the goals but more difficult to stick with them and [...]

How to set financial resolutions and stick to them throughout the year2021-01-18T20:09:50+00:00

The Latest Scams and How To Protect Yourself


Scams have always been prevalent. Unfortunately, we are faced with individuals taking advantage of people and their possessions. We have even written about them before. During our COVID-19 pandemic, scams have been running rampant, especially among older adults. Here is some updated information since our last Scams and Fraud blog. What is a scam? A scam [...]

The Latest Scams and How To Protect Yourself2020-12-18T17:55:20+00:00

How To Identify Your Gold And Silver


Treasure in your junk drawers, attic, and basement! How to identify your gold and silver With gold exploding to a record high this summer over $2,000, interest in gold and silver is stronger than ever. But how do you know if your items have value? I’ll share some helpful tips so you can identify if [...]

How To Identify Your Gold And Silver2020-11-12T17:23:42+00:00

Warning Signs That Indicate Inability To Manage Financial Affairs


Experiencing a loss of control is never easy, regardless of what and when. It can be particularly difficult when it is a loved one, likely an aging adult, whose cognitive skills are declining and they can no longer manage their finances in the manner needed. “Research has also shown that even cognitively normal people may [...]

Warning Signs That Indicate Inability To Manage Financial Affairs2020-10-22T21:53:07+00:00

Empty Nesters | Financial Tips You Need to Know


The transition to an empty nest can be difficult and exciting all at the same time. Having kids live at home full time is quite different than when our kids go to college and return home for school breaks and summer vacations. There are many aspects of change in this new chapter of life. The [...]

Empty Nesters | Financial Tips You Need to Know2020-10-14T19:39:41+00:00

10 Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund


By now many have filed and even received their tax refunds. Consider using these funds to strengthen your personal financial situation. According to Kiplinger's, the average refund is around $3,000 and takes around 3 weeks to receive after filing. The earlier one files, the quicker the turnaround to receive your refund. While it is tempting [...]

10 Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund2020-08-17T16:06:58+00:00

8 Key Tips to Financial Security While Raising a Family


Managing household finances for yourself can be challenging, let alone if you are doing it along with raising a family and having a demanding career simultaneously.  The truth is many people don’t pay enough attention to their finances during the time in their lives where their earning potential is the highest. Effectively managing finances during [...]

8 Key Tips to Financial Security While Raising a Family2020-10-22T21:54:40+00:00

Lisa Lipton


“After spending the last 20+ years marketing various products, it’s an amazing feeling to finally put my experience to work for a company offering a service for which there’s no need to justify the benefit." Lisa grew up in Northbrook, IL, and has lived in the Chicago area for most of her life, other [...]

Lisa Lipton2020-10-22T21:56:17+00:00
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