Inquiry / Referral


Typically we are contacted by a family member or trusted/professional advisor, such as a wealth manager, accountant, attorney or geriatric care manager, regarding a client whom they feel can benefit from our services.  On occasion we are contacted directly by the client.

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Once we receive the inquiry or referral a call is set up with this individual to learn more about the client’s needs and collect as much information as possible prior to setting up the in-person consultation.  Also, we want to share more information about MPB, the scope of our services and our approach. Based on [...]


  Action Plan


Immediately following the consultation an Action Plan is written which documents basic client information and outlines a list of goals and priorities based on the initial assessment.  This document gets distributed to everyone involved in working with the client and serves as our roadmap which we utilize when following up regularly with both the advocate [...]

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  Client Advocate meetings


These meetings are set up between the advocate and client.  The frequency is determined by the scope of the job as well as any urgent or time sensitive requirements that may need to be addressed, for example collecting tax documents, overdue bills, etc.  Always our approach is to keep the client as involved as he [...]

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The one-hour in-person consultation is provided free of charge and usually held in the client’s residence whether it is a private home or senior living community.   They include someone from the MPB management team along with the client advocate, the client and usually the individual who inquired whether a family member or trusted advisor.  allows [...]

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