Busy Professionals and Families

Organizing and managing daily finances and household affairs can be overwhelming for anyone. On top of balancing a demanding career there are potential family needs to address and just everyday life issues. You just do not have the bandwidth to do it all.

Alternatively, maybe you are going through a difficult life transition-recently divorced or widowed-and were not previously responsible for maintaining a budget or paying the bills. You need someone to help you get set up and show you the ropes so you can manage, or maybe you have your hands full and want to focus your time and efforts elsewhere.

Regardless of your challenge, let MPB relieve some stress and give you back valuable time. MPB Client Advocates can help so you can give your attention where it is most needed.

Our Services

My Personal Bookkeeper provides our clients with help managing and organizing their day-to-day financial and household affairs.

All our services are provided one-on-one by bonded and insured professional client advocates.

Our Client Advocates are supported by the expertise and knowledge of a dedicated and experienced team.

Together, we provide clients with peace of mind by helping them maintain order and independence.

Typically our clients are seniors and busy professionals who are facing life transitions such as aging, the death of a spouse, divorce, demanding careers, job relocation, downsizing a home, moving into assisted living, a change in cognitive abilities, or even just a desire to be less involved in the paperwork and other responsibilities that come with running a home.  Whatever the reason, our number one concern is providing clients with the help they need when they need it most—with an efficient hand and a nurturing attitude.

Services provided include the following and can be customized to your specific needs:

Ideally MPB will set up DropBox or another cloud-based file system for access and storage of files, if not already in existence.  This will provide back up as well as access from anywhere, any device and anyone who has permission.

Services provided include the following and can be customized to your specific needs:

Ready to talk?

Ready to talk?