Vicki Bernstein, MSW


“I want to work more closely with those who need additional assistance by organizing their day to day life, so they have less worries.  I really enjoy taking the worry away and getting my clients to a point where they are not stressed out about finances and personal organization.” Vicki Bernstein combines her caring personality [...]

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Leah Brajer


“I love working with people and knowing that what I am doing makes a difference not only to the client but to their families and bringing a sense of calm and relief that their financials will be in order.” Leah graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.  She is also [...]

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Jill Epstein


“I enjoy developing new relationships with clients through my strong interpersonal skills, while at the same time creating order out of chaos through my organizational skills.” Client Advocate Jill Epstein joined the team in October 2013, inspired, she says, by how smoothly the company worked with her mother—especially the way they organized her accounting system. [...]

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Pamela Hanson


“The most rewarding part of my work is when I hear my clients say, ‘We really accomplished a lot today—not only do I feel less stressed out about my life but I also know that I’m going to sleep better tonight.” Client Advocate Pamela Hanson joined the team in 2012 in order to professionally pursue [...]

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Randi Jaffe


“Being a part of My Personal Bookkeeper allows me the opportunity to make a difference with people in the community who are in need of help.  I find it an honor to be that person, who reassures my clients and helps them to manage their finances and homes without stress". Before starting at My Personal [...]

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P. Toni Landi


“As I watched my mother and my relatives age, I saw they became less able to handle their monthly financial tasks. I also saw many people trying to scam them with services that they did not need. I knew at that point that with 30 plus years of accounting experience, I would be able to [...]

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Marianne Marquardt


“My experience of dealing with elderly relatives showed me that there was a great need for services that help people with the day-to-day management of their homes and their lives. This inspired me to make a career change so that I could, indeed, provide these services to people in my community and beyond.” My Personal [...]

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Patrice Miller


"I like order in my own life and, for me, helping bring order out of chaos and giving someone peace of mind that their financial and household affairs are under control gives me great satisfaction." Patrice brings a diverse set of skills to My Personal Bookkeeper. She has worked in marketing and public relations, owned [...]

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Maggie Neilson


“I find it rewarding to be able to help my clients."     Maggie graduated from St. Mary's College with a BS in Marketing.  After school, she spent many years at Harris Associates, first as a Senior Portfolio Associate where she worked closely with clients and their banks, accountants, and attorneys.  She also performed monthly [...]

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Susan Nissen


“I want to take the skills I enjoy and use them to help others in a meaningful way” Client Advocate Susan Nissen joined the Sprau Advocate Group in December 2013. A CPA and the mother of two children, Susan has a well-balanced approach to life, blending great organizational skills and attention to detail with enormous [...]

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