“I want to be able to really get to know my clients. Connecting with them by hearing their stories, and assisting them in keeping their affairs in order. It is important to me that they feel they are the ones who are in complete control.”

Christopher Hills

Chris brings his love of teaching and experience working with troubled youth to assist his clients in solving their personal and financial issues. Chris’s music teaching background allows him to bring his passion for working with other people, by inspiring and guiding them towards a less stressful balance in life.  Having run his own business for over 20 years, Chris is very organized and has a strong knowledge of bill paying and budgeting.

Chris is single and his students are his surrogate children. He tries to inspire them through teaching, so they have the courage and freedom to explore their own creativity through music, thus learning more about themselves.

His background includes:

Bachelors of Music in Composition & Clarinet, University of Iowa
Masters of Music, University of Massachusetts
Doctoral Studies in Music, University of Iowa

Work History:
Montessori School in Chicago- Teacher
The American Conservatory of Music in Chicago- Teacher
The Lake Forest Symphony Institute-Teacher
Owner/CFO Evanston based music company

Volunteer Activities:
Chris volunteers through the Soku Gakkai International with a goal of establishing peace and non-violence in the community.

Chris enjoys travel, learning about new cultures and people, playing golf and occasionally fly-fishing.

How he makes a difference:
Chris makes a difference through his love for people and offering encouragement to allow them to feel confident and happy about themselves.