“My experience of dealing with elderly relatives showed me that there was a great need for services that help people with the day-to-day management of their homes and their lives. This inspired me to make a career change so that I could, indeed, provide these services to people in my community and beyond.”

Marianne Marquardt
My Personal Bookkeeper Client Advocate Marianne Marquardt was the first Client Advocate added to the team. Now, a decade later, she comes to work with the same enthusiasm and commitment she brought to the early days of her new career. That’s because the heart of what she does has not changed: making the lives of everyone she works with just a little bit better. Whether it is advocating with doctors, communicating with family members or negotiating with a vendor, she always does it with a firm hand and an unwavering sense of looking out for her client’s best interest. Through it all, she exudes empathy and kindness, offers friendship and humor and, in turn, receives the respect and admiration of everyone whose world she touched.

Her background includes:

Education: BA and a Master’s in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan

Work: Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Boston; Advertising Sales for Time Warner/People Magazine in both New York and Chicago; My Personal Bookkeeper Client Advocate

Volunteer Activities: Sunday school teacher; board member of New Trier Rowing Club; chair of school fundraising and head of school programs including Great Books

Passions: Reading, paddle tennis, exercise, walking her dog, being with family and friends

How she makes a difference: “Giving clients peace of mind by keeping things in order.”