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Michele Rubin is wonderful to work with. She’s responsive and has been so helpful in getting our family to identify and manage a budget. The tools she’s taught us to use have been instrumental in bringing better awareness to our family expenses.

Karen and Chris C., State College, PA, 3-19-24

Susan has been great. She has been really helpful to us. I think both her work and her personality have been a great match.

Mark I., Lawrenceville, GA, 2-7-24

“We have felt much more comfortable with our budget and goals after using MPB. Susan has done an incredible job helping us categorize expenses and saved us hours of time each month. I really enjoy the in-depth reports and access we have at all times so I can spend as much time or as little time on our personal finances as we like. We have had much better conversations about our goals of what we want to do with our money rather than asking each other what we spent x on. Not having budgets for certain categories gave us both stress and now that we have those budgets we can plan accordingly. I’ve already referred you all to several colleagues and will continue to do so, the reduction in my personal stress regarding our personal finances has been freeing. Susan also helped us save some money each month, but that was not as wonderful as the piece of mind gained.”

Kevin & Maiken W., Tampa, FL, 2-6-24

“Nicole has saved my life! I was always quite capable but at 92 years old, things have become more difficult. She handles so many things for me and straightens out whatever issues arise. I can’t thank you (MPB) enough for saving my life. My husband always took care of our taxes and he passed away last year. I didn’t know what to do but Nicole handled everything. She made sure my accountant had everything that was needed. Nicole has set up files for me and has everything organized. She put me in touch with a very nice lawyer to update my estate plan and helped me in meetings with him. I am always glad to have Nicole’s help.”

Miriam L., Chicago, IL, 1-10-24
“We have used MPB for our family’s bookkeeping for a couple of years now, and are so thankful to them. They are an integral part of our family’s financial team.”

Will S., Houston, TX, 9-11-23
“We have worked with My Personal Bookkeeper, Inc. for approximately two years and we are very happy with their service, professionalism, and expertise. They have helped us organize and streamline our finances and they have given us great advice and guidance on eliminating unknown, and unwanted, fees and costs.
We will continue to employ their services and highly recommend them to others who are looking to organize and consolidate their bills, expenses, assets, and income under easy to understand reports and spreadsheets.”

Ed B., Battle Creek, MI, 8-2-23

“Nicole and I met yesterday and I think it was very productive and the outline that she presented was exactly what I had envisioned….I am so happy to be meeting with her as she is very responsive and I am looking forward to our next time together.”

Nancie D., Chicago, IL, 2-7-23
“The team at My Personal Bookkeeper has been a valuable resource for me! I work with adults who are often over busy and disorganized and MPB is a great resource for them. Not only for their bookkeeping services but also for their great content on their blog. I love that they think of financial housekeeping tasks that people often forget and they provide gentle reminders and education. Highly recommend MPB!”

Suzy Carbrey, Owner & Speech Language Pathologist, Cognitive Communication Solutions, 11-29-22

“This was super helpful in managing our day-to-day spending. Going through all our transactions and identifying what we spend where monthly is time-consuming and it was helpful to have Basia go through all our accounts and set us up on a management tool.”

Jessie P., Evanston, IL, 5-17-22

“My Personal Bookkeeper was recommended to me when my sister and I were looking to get some help for my mom and I am so glad we found them! Nancy has been working with my mom for over a year and she has been amazing. Nancy helps keep my mom organized, including staying on top of bills and keeping track of online activities. She does this with unending patience and kindness and it gives us such peace of mind to have her as a trusted advisor. I am so grateful for her ongoing support and for My Personal Bookkeeper.”

Alyssa D., Chicago, IL, 2-27-22

“Jackie and Randi truly care about their clients…and enjoy working with them.  What more can we say? They are professional and smart.  We couldn’t be more happy with how Randi works with my mother to ensure that her bills are paid on time. Excellent service.”

Matt L., Riverside, IL, 2-22-22

“I employed them to pay my brother’s expenses while he was in memory care. Before then I had handled all his bills and related issues. The problem was I live in another state. They relieved me of the obligation and I was able to work on his other issues. I recommend this company to anybody who is a caretaker or guardian.”

David M., Hopkins, MN, 10-26-21

Our clients, their families and professional advisors appreciate our expertise and attention to detail.

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“I’ve really appreciated having this service for the past three or four years for my sister who recently passed away. It was nearly a necessity since I had durable and medical POA for her, was working a demanding full-time job throughout, and was in a city many hundreds of miles away from Chicagoland. I couldn’t have managed without lots of help, and a big piece of that was having MPB’s help. Our particular Client Advocate was SO good at her job–i.e. bookkeeping/accounting–and I’m certain she saved us lots of money, especially as it pertained to long term care facility billing and other medical benefits. But in addition to her professionalism, our Advocate was a fine, thoughtful, and warm person. Caring for a loved one–perhaps especially at a distance–can be heart wrenching business, and she often boosted my spirits and confidence along the way. I never doubted for a moment that she truly cared about me and my sister, and that’s meant so much to me.”

David N., Philadelphia, PA, 6-25-21

“Nancy is a gem, very smart and very willing to do projects I don’t want to do, and she does them better than I can! I’ve had quite a few laughs with her, and that’s something that is sorely needed for all of us at this time.  I didn’t know that these resources were available, but I’m so glad I know now and can spread the word!”

Susan D., Highland Park, IL, 4-18-21

“For the first time in a long time I have peace of mind that someone is staying on top of my day to day financial affairs, thanks to my financial advisor who referred me to My Personal Bookkeeper. My MPB Client Advocate has gone beyond my expectations and handles not only my “books” but contacts my professional advisors on my behalf and intervenes when needed. She has also clarified and helped me understand issues that previously seemed overwhelming. Overall she and MPB have helped remove a huge burden.”

Ruth S., Skokie, IL, 3-3-21

“In my time with “Your Eldercare Consultants” (CJE Senior Life), I referred several clients to Jackie Melinger and “My Personal Bookkeeper”.  Each time, my clients found exactly the help they needed with mail, bill-paying and financial accounts management.  My Personal Bookkeeper uses client advocates who are experienced, kind and excellent communicators.  They are specialists who actively collaborate with families and professionals to protect client interests.  Pricing is very fair.  I highly recommend the business and its staff.”

Joan Ente, Chicago, IL, 2-12-21

“I have personally witnessed over the past fifteen years My Personal Bookkeeper Client Advocates as an excellent resource and partner for seniors and their loved ones. They have done an exceptional job partnering with my clients and their family members providing peace of mind and an incredible amount of financial security. The advocates offer highly personalized care and attention to every detail. I would highly recommend them for anyone who needs support and assistance in managing their household and financial needs.”

Julie Fohrman , Gerontologist & Principal, North Shore Geriatric Care Management, 4-16-20

“In my elder law practice, I often have clients who need assistance with bill payment and managing their personal lives. I cannot ethically tackle these projects at normal attorney rates. As a result, I have often referred these people to My Personal Bookkeeper. I have never been disappointed. Their client advocates help my clients to stay on track and get personal assistance that they need. What I like best about them is that they help my clients remain independent. When my clients are safe, I can focus on resolving their legal issues. MPB makes me look good every time.”

Eric Parker, Elder Law Attorney, Stotis & Baird Chartered, 4-16-20

“We live thousands of miles from our 91-year old mother in Chicago and it gives us peace of mind to know that her financial affairs are being expertly looked after.  We can rely on our Client Advocate even between her regular visits with our mother to brainstorm and solve problems as they arise.  Whether it’s bills or banking or ensuring policies get renewed on time, it’s a relief to know Pam is typically on top of it even before we think of it.”

Jon and Christopher W., Chicago, IL, 3-11-20

“Jackie and her team worked with my parent to gain his trust and include him in the process as much as possible while keeping us informed. She took a big load off our shoulders in monitoring finances, negotiating terms, and collecting tax and other documents. They were always willing to investigate new items or questions and worked with us to find solutions to problems.”

Anonymous, Glencoe, IL, 3-10-20

“After our mother’s dementia diagnosis, my siblings and I discovered that her personal finances had been in disarray for years.  Living across the country and focused on our mother’s health plan, we enlisted My Personal Bookkeeper to address boxes of unsorted bills and paperwork, assist with unpaid taxes and insurance paperwork, and set up functional systems to manage our mother’s finances moving forward.  My Personal Bookkeeper saved us from spending hundreds of hours on administrative tasks, which allowed us to use our time for more pressing family matters. We highly recommend My Personal Bookkeeper!”

Jill C., Highland Park, IL, 3-7-20
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