It has been said that knowledge is power, and we believe it. When we go to buy or sell a car, we research the value of the car so we can negotiate more successfully with knowledge behind us. When we receive a medical diagnosis, we research the cause, treatment, and prognosis because we feel more in control when we have knowledge, when we go on vacation, we scour the internet for the best deals on flights and hotels and then we research the best tourist stops and best restaurants. These things make us feel empowered, so we are not overwhelmed or confused. We navigate life by empowering ourselves to live it to the fullest. Why then, do we not empower ourselves to navigate our personal finances the way we do everything else?

We have all experienced the worry that comes with feeling uncertain about money. Do I have enough money to pay the credit card bill? When is the insurance due? How much am I really spending each month? We know that this worry increases anxiety levels leads to uncertainty, and can create tension in relationships. Not feeling financially knowledgeable makes us feel out of control and that feeling bleeds into other aspects of our lives. We all have the best of intentions. We all want to feel in control of our personal finances, but it is hard. We want to feel empowered about our personal finances but do not know where to start. puts it like this, “True empowerment comes when you convert intention into action. But it does not mean going it alone.” *  You have the intention, and My Personal Bookkeeper can help you convert that intention into action. We can help you gain that empowerment in three important areas.


My Personal Bookkeeper will give you the knowledge you need to understand your income, and how it is being spent. Your Client Advocate will review your expenses with you monthly so you can see exactly where your hard-earned money goes each month. Utilizing a shared money management platform, your Advocate will look at your income streams and your expense habits. They will review any accounts you have on auto pay and inform you when you are getting charged fees about which you may not know. Your My Personal Bookkeeper Client Advocate will review the subscriptions being charged to your account each month and can help you through the process of cancelling ones you do not use anymore. Through monthly reporting, you will know exactly where your money is being spent each month by category and know if your expenses are in line with your income.


My Personal Bookkeeper help gives you peace of mind in knowing that you are in control of your money. Your Client Advocate will collaborate with you to create a budget if desired and be in touch with you regularly on how your budget vs your actual spending is doing each month. They can assist you to create debt payoff schedules or saving planners to help you reach your financial goals. My Personal Bookkeeper Client Advocates will continuously monitor your accounts for any possible fraud. You and your Client Advocate will work together to analyze your spending habits and help you decide where to make changes, if necessary. They will help you work with your insurance agent to make sure you have not only adequate coverage but the best-priced policies for your home, car, life, and any other insurance you may need. Client Advocates can help you keep track of business expenses, medical expenses, and charitable donations so tax time will be a breeze. No more searching through boxes of receipts.


Once you and your Client Advocate have a good sense of your current financial situation, they can help you going forward using your financial knowledge to make the best possible decisions. They can also help look at the finances of other people in your family, if you desire, including college-aged children so they can feel empowered with their money management skills early. They can also work with your estate attorney to make sure your estate paperwork is up to date. Your Client Advocate will organize virtual files and create lists of passwords and accounts and help you set up a password keeper on your computer, so you never have to search again. Working with your My Personal Bookkeeper Client Advocate, you will always know your personal financial situation to help you make informed decisions and use your hard-earned money efficiently.

Are you ready to feel empowered and take control of managing your personal finances? Call My Personal Bookkeeper at  (847) 972-6822 or email us at for more information. We are waiting to empower you to manage your personal finances.



About The Author: Michele Rubin

Michele is a natural at helping others organize and run their household finances.  The experience of assisting her mother in keeping track of mail and in paying bills allowed Michele to develop an understanding of the best ways to approach these tasks.  Michele is an organized, thorough and compassionate client advocate. These skills have been honed from years of dedication in teaching, office management and running a non-profit organization.  When working with clients, Michele understands that patience and efficiency are the keys to helping them maintain their independence and earn their trust.